When Details Matter, Don't Settle

Savvy architects and designers know that a deep understanding of a material will always yield a better outcome, no matter the project. The properties of a particular material — how it will perform, how it will age and how it will provide stability or evoke elegance — must be respected and acknowledged from the very beginning. Whether polished to a spectacular luster or left to patina with the elements, used for support or function or applied as a refined accent, metal has the ability to instill a gleaming combination of rigor and personality to your projects. 

Our experts can provide valuable insight into a large variety of specialty metals and unique finishes — helping transform your vision from design concept to the completed solution. Allow us to help refine the details that achieve the goals of functionality, construct-ability, and aesthetics throughout the development of your project.


  • Bronze (Silicon Bronze, Rose Red Bronze, 385-Architectural Bronze, White Bronze)

  • Brass (Grades C260, C280, C353, & C464)

  • Nickel (Grades 200, 400, A286, & C276)

  • Nickel Silver (Grades 770 & 792)

  • Copper (Grades B370, C145, C182, C101, & C110)

  • Hot Rolled Steel (Grades 8620, A36, A500, & A606)

  • Cold Rolled Steel (Grades 4130 & 1008)

  • Stainless Steel (Grades 304 & 316)

  • Aluminum (Grades 2024, 3003, 5052, 5086, 6061, & 7075)

  • Zinc (Grade 988)

  • Cor-Ten (Weathered Steel)

Natural Finishes:

  • Un-lacquered Raw

  • Brushed Satin (Orbital)

  • Brushed Satin (Directional - Linear)

  • Bright, Polished, Mirror

Patinas: over years, metal will patina to a living finish, and it will keep getting better and better

  • Antiqued Light

  • Antiqued Medium

  • Antiqued Dark

  • Blackened, Black "Noir"


  • Burnished Brass, Antique Brass

  • Antiqued Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Blackened Bronze, Polished Bronze

  • Blackened Steel, Blackened Aluminum, Blackened Stainless

  • Black Oxide, Gunmetal, Distressed “French Steel”

  • Old Gold, Rose Gold

  • Champagne Bronze

  • Tiffany Green Copper, Verdigri

  • Antique Nickel Silver

  • Antique Aluminum

  • Historically Pertinent Aging, Distressing, and Texturing

View our complete list of metals and finishes below. Don't see something you like? We also can create a custom finish for you. Contact us to get started.