When Details Matter, Don't Settle

Savvy architects and designers know that a deep understanding of a material will always yield a better outcome, no matter the project. The properties of a particular material — how it will perform, how it will age and how it will provide stability or evoke elegance — must be respected and acknowledged from the very beginning. Whether polished to a spectacular luster or left to patina with the elements, used for support or function or applied as a refined accent, metal has the ability to instill a gleaming combination of rigor and personality to your projects. 

Our experts can provide valuable insight into a large variety of specialty metals and unique finishes — helping transform your vision from design concept to the completed solution. Allow us to help refine the details that achieve the goals of functionality, constructabilty, and aesthetics throughout the development of your project.


  • Bronze (Silicon Bronze, Rose Red Bronze, Architectural Bronze, White Bronze)
  • Brass
  • Nickel, Nickel Silver
  • Copper
  • Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum 
  • Cor-Ten
  • Zinc

Natural Finishes:

  • Un-lacquered Raw
  • Brushed Satin (Orbital)
  • Brushed Satin (Directional)
  • Bright, Polished, Mirror

Patinas: over years, metal will patina to a living finish, and it will keep getting better and better

  • Antiqued Light
  • Antiqued Medium
  • Antiqued Dark
  • Blackened, Black "Noir"


  • Burnished Brass, Antique Brass
  • Antiqued Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Blackened Bronze, Polished Bronze
  • Blackened Steel, Blackened Aluminum, Blackened Stainless
  • Black Oxide, Gunmetal, Distressed “French Steel” 
  • Old Gold, Rose Gold
  • Champagne Bronze
  • Tiffany Green Copper, Verdigri
  • Antique Nickel Silver
  • Antique Aluminum
  • Historically Pertinent Aging, Distressing, and Texturing

View our complete list of metals and finishes below. Don't see something you like? We also can create a custom finish for you. Contact us to get started.