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Where to start…

Each project is different, but we’ve found that a majority of projects fall into three broad categories that encompass a wide variety of items and projects. We’ve identified these as Architectural Metal-crafts, Luxury Furnishings, and Digitally Manufactured Goods

Before filling out the form below, please take a moment to review the three examples below to see what category your project falls into. If your project is still in the design stage, please visit our Design and Approach pages for some helpful information!


Architectural Metal-crafts

These projects are fairly large in scope and often require coordination between the architect, designer, and structural engineer to ensure clients are satisfied with the final product. Typically, these projects include staircases, railings, functional doors, awnings, canopies, pergolas, wall dividers, and any large-scale decorative or artistic metal-related projects.


Luxury Furnishings

These projects are fairly straightforward, but still require a great deal of coordination between our in-house design engineers and designer. Typically, these projects include fireplaces (image above), benches, tables, chairs, desks, wine racks, bed-frame, dresser, ornate mirrors, and any imaginable item that can be considered furniture.


Digitally Manufactured Goods

These projects have a quick turnaround time and require little-to-no coordination with our design engineers. Clients come to us with drawings that are complete, approved, formatted in AutoCAD, Revit, or Solid-Works, and ready for production. If you have drawings but need help choosing a metal and finish for your project, check out our Design page and see what works best!

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